Saturday, August 2, 2008

Snowtop Lodge Hallmark Ornaments Series

This is a unique series of porcelain snow people which started in 2005 with the dapper Skylar A. Woolscarf. Each of these ornaments is designed by Hallmark Keepsake Artist Joanne Eschrich. The 2005 ornament did not appear to be overly popular with collectors, however, the 2006 Bluster B. Toboggan appeared to be the rarest of 2006 ornaments. Because of this, the secondary market value of Bluster has really taken off and he is still hard to find.

These ornaments are truly beautiful in design. Each snow person has a “scene” depicted on the base which matches the theme of the ornament. In 2005 Skylar A. Woolscarf is wearing a city skyline and holds his umbrella and wears a pocket watch. Bluster B. Toboggan is wearing mittens and a knitted cap with his toboggan and the scene is one of sledders on a wooded hill. Bluster’s buttons are snowflakes. Last year’s Colleen C. Evergreen is a country scene of hauling the Christmas Tree home on a sled to the farmhouse. She is holding a fir branch with cardinals and her buttons are slices of a tree trunk.

2008 brings us two additions to the collection. The #4 in the series is Louie D. Lightly holding a string of lights with lights for his buttons. Louie’s scene is of a small town street decorated with lights – his blue cap is cute and unique. Hallmark also produced a companion to the series available only to collectors who join the Hallmark Collector’s Club this year called Stanley T. Starr. He looks like a nighttime snowman with open stars on his base to allow for a tree light to produce a lighted effect. His buttons are stars and his top hat shows Santa and his sleigh in the night sky. He is a wonderful addition to this collection.

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