Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wizard of Oz Hallmark Ornaments

Wizard of Oz Hallmark Ornaments Series Page

The Hallmark Ornament Premiere was this past weekend. Did you enjoy getting to see the selections? One of the limited quantity ornaments this year was a Wicked Witch which will appeal to two different collectors, Wizard of Oz and Madame Alexander dolls.

Hallmark offered their first Wizard of Oz ornaments in 1994 with a set of the four main characters, Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion. Then Hallmark followed this with Glinda the Good Witch in 1995 and the Wicked Witch in 1996. The wizard in the State Fair balloon was offered as a club member only ornament in 1996 along with a magic ornament of the Emerald City.

There are so many choices for Hallmark Ornaments from this legendary movie. They have also added the ruby slippers in several different formats, Toto, Ms Gulch, Munchkinland, the Lollipop Guild, as well as the Lullabye League.

This year, Hallmark Ornaments is celebrating the 75th year since the Wizard of Oz movie was produced with six different selections to add to your collections. One is the Cowardly Lion dressed in his robe as “King of the Forest”. Another new one this year depicts the tornado that started Dorothy’s adventure called “It’s a Twister” as well as one showing the friends walking through the forest chanting “Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!” Shop The Ornament Shop for all you Hallmark Christmas Ornaments.

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