Monday, July 1, 2013

Santa's from Around the World Hallmark Ornaments

Santa's from Around the World Hallmark Ornaments Page

The Hallmark Ornament Premiere is July 13 and 14 which is less than two weeks away. One of the special offers that weekend is a tabletop England Santa to complement the Santas Around the World set. It is special price of $24.95 that weekend with an ornament purchase of $50 or more. (Regular price is $49.95)

This set of Hallmark Ornaments is one of our best sellers on the secondary market. Hallmark started the set in 2004 with 8 different Santas along with a special wreath complete with built in hooks to hang the Santas. The wreath is the hardest item in this collection to find. The original set included Santas from Ireland, Italy, Russia, Norway, Germany, Mexico and two from the United States.

Hallmark has added a few in years since then, most of which have only been available to Hallmark Ornament Club members. The Santa last year was from the Netherlands complete with wooden shoes and was very popular with collectors. Others in the set include Sweden, Switzerland, and Canada which is my personal favorite.

The ornaments are made to resemble Santa traditions in the country they represent. For example, the Canadian Santa has snow shoes, and the Germany Santa is holding a Christmas Tree. They are also made of a variety of materials. Italy and Ireland are porcelain while the Mexico Santa is partially made of tin.

The current series of Angels Around the World which started in 2011 was made by Hallmark ornaments to complement this set of Santas. A recent update we saw showed the 2014 Angel is planned to be from the United States. Its looks really nice. Shop The Ornament Shop for all you Hallmark Christmas Ornaments.

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