Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hallmark’s Gift of Memories Weekend

The last wave of Hallmark ornaments for 2013 will be released at Hallmark’s Gift of Memories Weekend event December 6th-8th. We have already received several calls about the Commemorative Ball so I believe it is highly anticipated among collectors. It is a beautiful clear red glass ball with an ornate cap that is the first of a series of glass ball ornaments so we have more to look forward to in coming years.

Other Hallmark ornaments coming to the stores for the first time this weekend are:

Winter Garden featuring a red cardinal on a bird bath

Ford Mustang Boss 302 – another highly anticipated piece for the car collectors

Mooey Christmas – Christmas Cow

Our Nutty Family – tin of fudge: captioned “Our Family is like Fudge – Sweet with a Few Nuts”

Hot Cocoa – Seductive “hot” conversation between two Marshmallows – very cute.

Happy Holiday Friends – Glittery Snowman with a wreath and a squirrel friend

Have a Cool Yule – Polar Bear running the barbeque grill

Close Knit Friends – Pair of Knit Mittens (dated)

2013 Year to Remember – a beautiful silver tone picture frame (dated)

Christmas Cupcake Limited edition – Santa Claus (dated)

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